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What VR is best?

The general consensus from many of the main reviews sites on VR headsets - Best VR headset overall - Oculus Quest (contact us today if you would like to purchase) Best VR headset for immersive experiences - HTC Vive (you can order the FIT VR Go package from us) Best smartphone VR headset - Homido Prime VR headset (it's the most comfortable and is compatable with android and iOS phones. The Holofit VR fitness experimce works with android phones only)

How much is VR?

HTC Vive Focus - $827.64 sgd (includes gst) Oculus Quest: 64gb - $953.40 sgd (includes gst) 128gb- $1066 sgd (includes gst) Homido Prive VR Headset - $183.66 (includes shipping) The ultimate smartphone vr headset (compatable with most smartphones) let us know what your phone is) Samsung Gear VR - $73 sgd Just pop your Samsung phone inside, works with the following models- (S8, S8+, Note 8, S9, S9+, Note 9, S10, S10+, S10e)

What is VR used for?

Military - The military uses it for flight simulations, battlefield simulations, medic training, vehicle simulation and virtual boot camp, among other things Sport - of course this is our domain to improve your fitness experince and keep it exciting so you workout longer and more often and also to enhance the viewer’s experience of a sporting events Mental Health - a primary method for treating post-traumatic stress, a person enters a re-enactment of a traumatic event in an attempt to come to terms with the event and heal. Medical Training - to practice surgeries and procedures, risk of inflicting harm or making a mistake while practicing on real patients is eliminated. Education - on virtual field trips to museums, taking tours of the solar system and or going back in time to different eras Fashion - virtual simulations of store environments can be extremely useful for retailers to design their signage and product displays. Tommy Hilfiger, Coach and Gap. VR uses for these big names encompass offering a 360-degree experience of fashion shows and allowing customers to try on clothes virtually. For a more indepth read - https://www.fdmgroup.com/5-exciting-uses-for-virtual-reality/

What exactly is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds.

Is playing VR good exercise?

Yes thats why our VR fitness is gaining popularity with home fitness and gyms. Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Fitness, they study impact of virtual reality exercise on the human body. Aaron Stanton, Director of the VR Health Institute at San Francisco State "Virtual reality exercise is a really, really good at being able to distract you from the fact that you were exercising and letting you just enjoy the game," said Stanton He believes virtual reality will be in most gyms across the country in the near future.

Why are VR headsets so expensive

You just need to understand the 3 different types of headsets and you will see why there is a difference in cost. 1. Tethered VR Headsets - Most expensive, connected physically to a PC. Seen as the most immersive and best quality. More troublesome as you need to be near your PC and for fitness you cant take it to the gym. 2. Standalone VR Headsets - Cheaper option to tethered vr headsets, lower quality experience overall compared to tethered headsets. Overall still an amazing immersive experience and its great that its wireless and you can use at the gym and can walk freely. 3. Smartphone VR Headsets - cheapest option, makes use of your smartphone to provide you with the virtual reality experience. Just slide your phone into the headset, and the phone’s screen will be in front of their eyes with a set of lenses.