Frequently asked questions

Which rowing machines does the Holofit work with?

- Concept 2 PM5 - WaterRower with SmartRow - TechnoGym SkillRow - StairMaster HIIT Rower - Domyos (any other FTMS-Bluetooth enabled rowing machines)

Do you have vr worlds recommended for rowing?

There are worlds best suited to rowing but of course you can still be on a exercise bike or ellptical for them. - Cambridge (row on the famous river and take in the amazing scenary at the famous university) - Aiguebelette (where the rowing worlds championships have been held and its been recreated so you can enjoy it)

Why are rowing machines a good workout?

1. It’s a total body workout 2. It’s low-impact 3. It can be meditative 4. It can be meditative 5. It’s a great alternative to the treadmill or elliptical

What resistence setting on rowing machines is best for beginners?

Beginner rowers should start in the 3-5 range. A “10” setting allows the most airflow and therefore the highest resistance. Higher settings create more strength-oriented workouts, which are more difficult to sustain and, therefore, yield less aerobic benefits.

Rowing machine Vs Treadmill

Rowing machine: - unless you are rowing at the highest levels of resistance, you probably won’t burn as many as you would on a treadmill - will give you a low-impact workout no matter how intensely you use it - Rowing is more effective for building muscle because it works the muscles in both your upper and lower body at the same time Treadmill: - will focus on your lower body - run on a treadmill, you will burn more calories per hour than you would on a rower - if you are walking it will be low-impact but if you are jogging or running it then becomes a high-impact workout that might harm your knees

Rowing machine Vs Elliptical machine

Rowing machines: - Rowing machines are more effective for strengthening your core, as you will use it to keep your torso straight during your rowing workout (if you maintain proper form) Elliptical machine: - will engage both your upper and lower body, but it will not strengthen your core as much as a rowing machine will - will give you a better workout for your chest and triceps than what you would get from using a rowing machine - generally burn just a few more calories on an elliptical trainer than you would on a rowing machine

Rowing machine Vs Exercise bike

Rowing machine: - will work your entire body - because a rowing machine uses more resistance during your workout you are likely to experience burning calories even after your workout Exercise bike: - exercise bike will work mostly your lower body - exercise bike will burn more calories than a rowing machine In summary the main difference is that a rowing machine will give you a full body workout while an exercise bike will give you only a lower body workout.