How one woman lost 35 pounds using VR fitness!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

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How one woman lost 35 pounds using VR exercise!


NAME - Emily

AGE - 27

PLACE - Florida

SPORT BACKGROUND - never played sports in school

QUOTE - I hated any exercise with a passion so to finally have something that is a workout without feeling like a workout it makes it more fun to do.”

MOTIVATION - ready to start a family

QUOTE- “if I don’t learn healthy habits now, once I have a family it will only get harder”


SMARTWATCH - FitBit Charge HR2

VR HEADSET - Oculus Rift



WEIGHT LOSS - 35 pounds

  • more definition in arms

  • stronger upper body

  • Improved resting heart rate

  • noticed more confidence


WHEN- min twice a week after work at night (worked 10 hr shifts)

TYPICAL WORKOUT - 30 minutes with either game or a mix of both.


TIPS - added her own music to make playlists of desired music for the games

QUOTE - "make Beat Saber the first game to try” It has so many easy levels to start out with that you get the hang of it. When friends come over and want to see what it’s like that’s what I have them play.”

DIET: - member of weight watchers, main diet changes include a decrease in carbs and an increase in fruits and vegetables.

QUOTE - “I focus a lot on balance”, I still allow myself to go out for dessert

OTHER EXERCISE - After losing weight with VR she was able to add in running outside,

QUOTES - “Previously most of my workouts were VR, but in recent times my husband and I have decided to do our first 5K’

I will still do VR workouts on the days I don’t feel like running.”


“I really like the workouts because what motivates me at the gym is classes anyway. There’s that pressure in a class to keep going even if you’re tired, and with the VR you still get that pressure. Either you want to beat your high score, or get a good streak. It motivates you.”

“With the VR I can do it whenever I want and it doesn’t have to be scheduled”

It’s also cool to see your progress. If I used to be able to play a song on hard and can now play it on expert it’s a cool feeling.”

HER CONCLUSION - “Before this I hated the gym, hated exercising, was never motivated to try anything new. Now with VR I get to try something new whenever I want, and I get to do it on my terms. “

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It's great to see what Emily achieved with Vr exercise and i hope it inspired you to take some action and maybe give Vr a chance to help meet your fitness goals!

GET STARTED WITH VR EXERCISE and make fitness a fun addiction!

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