Find the answers below. 

Which fitness machines can I use HOLOFIT on?

You can use HOLOFIT on bicycles, rowing machines, ellipticals, steppers. We are compatible with major brands: Concept2, Body bike, Water Rower, Star trac, Matrix, Technogym, Life Fitness (and more under development).

I would like to use HOLOFIT in Small group training mode, how many members can train at the same time?

You can connect six fitness machines of the same type and let your members race against each other.

How do you make sure that HOLOFIT remains attractive for my members?

Apart from constantly upgrading and updating HOLOFIT we also issue new content and new features on a regular basis. We make sure that your member’s motivation is always kept high.

What do I need to set HOLOFIT up at my gym?

You need Internet connection, compatible fitness machine. If you do not have a compatible fitness machine you can just put the bluetooth sensor on Everything else is provided in the HOLOFIT package.

What kind of support do you provide?

Full remote online support for any troubleshooting issues you might have. Our support staff is available 24/7 and we respond to all your inquiries and requests within very short time.

Can I connect HOLOFIT to a screen and show other members what the workouts look like?

Yes, we recommend that you use large screens (any HDMI screen) for marketing purposes. This will excite and invite your members to use HOLOFIT even more. Our marketing videos can be used on screen while HOLOFIT is idle. We will also equip you with other HOLOFIT marketing material and help you make sure HOLOFIT is launched and exploited at the highest value in your gym.

What about headset hygiene, do you have a solution for that?

Yes, we use washable VR covers on all headsets that should be wiped after each use. Using regular wipes is enough. We also provide extra VR covers, for replacement when needed.

What if I have my own headset?

If you own your own compatible headset, you only need to subscribe to HOLOFIT and install it on your VR headset. The following are compatible – Standalone VR Headsets:

  • Oculus Quest
  • HTC Vive Focus
  • Homido VR smartphone headset
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Pico Neo
PC-Tethered VR Headsets:

How labor intensive is HOLOFIT? Can my members self-administer is?

HOLOFIT is developed to be user friendly and offers your members self-explanatory guidance. We offer several “How to” posters and videos you can include on site for enhanced guidance.

Who made Holofit?

Made by Holodia a Swiss-based company, with three founders from France, Denmark and Serbia comprise a truly international team. Since 2018 they have been commercialized for business use in gyms and fitness centers.

What if I have my own headset?

If you own your own compatible headset, you need to download the HOLOFIT software and get a subscription with us, connect the headset to the machine and you’ll be good to go